GNU screen scrollback and other navigation

GNU screen commands

The GNU screen program has some useful navigation facilities. To enter COPY MODE you need to press CTRL + A + [

Once in copy mode use the keys below to navigate:

h Move the cursor left by one character
j Move the cursor down by one line
k Move the cursor up by one line
l Move the cursor right by one character
0 Move to the beginning of the current line
$ Move to the end of the current line
G Moves to the specified line
C-u Scrolls a half page up
C-b Scrolls a full page up
C-d Scrolls a half page down
C-f Scrolls the full page down

When starting screen you can set the size of the scrollback buffer by using the -h command line argument, for example to set the scrollback buffer to 1000 lines:

screen -h 1000

This can also be set in .screenrc with defscrollback