Adding a new SVN repo

How to create a new SVN repository



On the local machine the svn server is on:

Create the new repo:

# svnadmin create /path/to/repo/reponame

Change ownership to web daemon:

# chown -R apache.apache /path/to/repo/reponame

Switch to svn account:

# su - svn

Edit policy file to give users access:

# vim .svn-policy-file

Add access to the repo, e.g.

username = rw

Now a new project can be committed to the repo.

To upload an existing directory tree from a server:

  • Create new, empty folder in repo:
    • svn mkdir
  • Go to parent directory on server
  • Checkout the repo over your existing folder:
    • svn co
  • Use svn add to add new files
  • Use commit to upload